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The Roving Typist – lovely short film about C.D. Hermelin, a broke aspiring writer who decided to bring his typewriter to a park and write charming on-demand stories for passersby with a few dollars to spare.

Pair with Story of a Writer, a 1963 short film about Ray Bradbury.

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Artist Yayoi Kusama in her studio in the psychiatric hospital in Tokyo and back in the days in her New York studio.

Having suffered nervous disorders and hallucinations since childhood, Kusama has chosen to live in a Tokyo psychiatric hospital for the past 38 years, and has built herself a studio opposite. Health permitting, she still makes a daily journey from the hospital to her studio to paint. 

excerpts from Kusama: Princess of Polka Dots directed by Heather Lenz


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Alternoon in the alps..

Alternoon in the alps..